We use a multi-step process to resurface your tubs, tiles, acrylics, marble, fiberglass, arborite, countertops, and cabinets. We can also do chip repairs and apply slip-resistant surfaces as a safety feature for bathtubs.

Bathroom tubs, tiles, sinks, clawfoot tubs, kitchen sinks, countertops, and cabinets are all examples of surfaces and appliances that can be serviced.

A great advantage to this system is that color matching is possible, which gives even further reason not to replace everything. We offer a fast, durable and cost-effective way to give your room the facelift it deserves! We use EP-Acrylic by Integrity Coatings. This is the finest product that we know of available today. Integrity’s products have all proven their quality and durability over time, and are isocyanate free for the protection of our technicians and our clients.

We do not use epoxy enamel even though it is much cheaper because it does not stand the test of time. We do not use polyurethane because lab tests have proven that these products, with repeated exposures, are extremely detrimental to people’s health.


Clear Gloss is a gun sprayed acrylic refinishing product. It will protect the grouting of tiles and making mould build a thing of the past permanently. Clear Gloss is warranted for five years. The products we have chosen to use are the most durable and reliable in the market along with the trained and certified professionals we use makes this the smart and economic way to bathroom and kitchen renovation.



Fred was able to recoat my old tub within a reasonable price range. Thank you Fred!


was able to refunish my parents bathtub up in Newmarket. Friendly and very courteous. Loved the work you did.


Responded in a reasonable time and was able to fix my chipped bathtub. definite referral again


Amazing service. Really friendly and could not be happier about my newly glazed bathtub.

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