EP-ACRYLIC coating systems are to be used wherever exposure to a wide variety of elements is anticipated and whenever marring or scratching is a problem or continued endurance must be expected over an extended period of time.

The appearance, exceptional adhesion, low curing time and temperature resistance of this system is suitable not only to metal and concrete surfaces but to newer structural materials such as polyester fiberglass, structural foams, porcelain, steel, cast iron, ceramic tile, nylon and many plastics.

The EP-ACRYLIC system has been found to be superior to epoxies and acrylic urethane re-surfacing systems, and is the leading coating system in the Kitchen and Bathroom refinishing industry today. Browse thru our site for more information on the refinishing services we provide, then give us a call for a free estimate.



Fred was able to recoat my old tub within a reasonable price range. Thank you Fred!


was able to refunish my parents bathtub up in Newmarket. Friendly and very courteous. Loved the work you did.


Responded in a reasonable time and was able to fix my chipped bathtub. definite referral again


Amazing service. Really friendly and could not be happier about my newly glazed bathtub.

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